About us

We are a group of friends, partners, professionals, idealists keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Based on our long-standing experience in manufacturing, distribution, and innovation acquired in international concerns throughout the world (China, USA, Japan, and Europe), equipped with our family traditions dating back to medicine and health improvement, consequently and with confidence, we have developed our ideas, implemented patents and cutting-edge technologies since 1998.

By taking advantage of scientific research, we create unique products in “non-food” and “food” category contributing to life comfort and length. We build up our knowledge in a variety of branches worldwide applying it into our products. We launch our nature-friendly products to the Polish and foreign markets making valuable contribution to human health.

The best and most talented teams of associates across the world (Indie, China, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and France) work on our projects.

Our representative offices are located in Russia (Moscow), China (Hong Kong), and Germany (Berlin).